Dog rescued by ship crew after wandering Arctic for over a week

The crew of a Russian icebreaker ship rescued a dog from an ice field that turned out to have been lost in the Arctic for more than a week.

Yegor Agapov, the captain of the icebreaker Alexander Sannikov, said the ship was headed toward an oil terminal in the Gulf of Ob when the crew spotted a Samoyed dog wandering in the ice fields.

A video taken aboard the ship shows the dog wagging her tail on the ice before climbing a ladder lowered by the crew.

The crew contacted the nearby village of Mys Kamenny and learned the dog, named Aika, had been missing for over a week.

Svetlana Chereshneva, Aika’s owner, said the canine had wandered off during a walk in the village. She said Aika never wanders far from her owners and they don’t know how she got all the way out to the ice fields.