Massachusetts friends earn over $1 million in scholarships

A pair of friends at a Massachusetts school said they helped inspire each other to collectively earn over a million dollars in scholarships.

Samantha Josephs and Daphne Muhammed are seniors at Hampden Charter School of Science in Chicopee, which was ranked No. 39 in the state for 2021 by US News & World Report, and both have been accepted into multiple Ivy League universities.

“Me and Daphne, we’ve been best friends for a while, and we kind of just say hey I heard about this, you should apply to this. We kind of just trade ideas,” Josephs told WGGB-TV.

The sharing of ideas led the two girls to collectively earn more than $1 million in scholarship money. They said their friendship helped inspire them to achieve.

“Applying to college is a stressful process but have a support group,” Muhammed said. “My support group were my close friends like Samantha.”

Both students said they plan to pursue careers in science, with Josephs attending Cornell University in the fall and Muhammed heading to Dartmouth College.